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5 Tips for buying the Perfect Pair of Jeans

I know I don’t need to explain to any girl out there how hard it can be to find the perfect pair of jeans. I’ve literally been reduced to tears trying on jeans and ended up leaving the store a sweaty, emotional mess. But over the years (and maybe as I draw nearer to 30) I’ve found a couple of tricks that make buying jeans painless and even satisfying. Here are my top tips for confidently buying the perfect pair of jeans.

5 Tips for buying the Perfect Pair of Jeans

1. Be realistic about your size

Like, I know I used to be a size 10, and I still remember those days fondly, but right now I am a size 12. It’s no use trying to pretend I’m a size 10 because that just results in unhappiness and jeans that are too small. Life is a journey with ups and downs and so is my weight. Being realistic about what size you really are makes shopping for jeans so.much.less.painful. You don’t feel disappointed when you can’t get the button done up and you don’t suddenly get heart palpitations from the shock of finding out you’re not actually the size that you’ve been pretending to be for the past 14 months.

2. Be realistic about your shape

I have kinda short legs and a kinda long torso so for me, high waisted jeans make sense. They elongate my legs a little and and bring the eye to my waist, which is the smallest part of my body. Knowing what kind of body shape you have can make shopping easier. This can be a process of trial and error, so hit up every design available and see what makes you feel good. (If you’re interested to know what body shape you are, check out this guide).

3. Understand colour and fabric

Jeans with a light wash down the middle of the leg tend to make your legs look slimmer. Jeans with no give or stretch sometimes leave a big gap at the back for girls who have a butt (like me). Personally, I find jeans with a bit of a stretch, cut off just on the ankle, in dark shades or slight wash work well for me. Trying to fit your gorgeous curves into a pair of Levi’s 501 mom jeans with absolutely no give might leave you feeling disappointed. Work with your body instead of against it and you’ll leave feeling a lot more confident.

4. Try something different

If you’ve been told that short girls can’t wear boyfriend jeans or have any other “fashion magazine advice” bouncing around in your head, it’s time to memory block. There are so many girls who swear by the advice they read in Cosmo 15 years ago and have literally never had the confidence to go against it. The key to looking good is feeling good and if a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans is what’s going to make you feel good, go for it! If you’re short, roll up the cuff, wear them with a cute heel or a pair of sneakers and a fitted t-shirt.

5. Don’t forget about tailoring

Having your jeans tailored can take as little as 30 minutes and can change the game completely! If you’ve found a pair of jeans you love but the gape at the back is the only thing holding you back, find the nearest tailor and ask them to put a tuck in the waistband. Easy!

Honestly, I buy almost all my clothes online – including jeans! By knowing exactly what makes me look and feel good, I’ve pretty much got it down to an art. I still sometimes get it wrong (for instance the pair of white distressed boyfriend jeans with no stretch which didn’t even go above my thighs – the horror!) but online returns are pretty easy and sometimes I forget about my refund and only discover my store credit a few months later, which is a nice surprise!

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  1. Hahah! thanks for calling me on out on being realistic about my size and also trying to fit my curves into those hip mom jeans just isn’t going to work for me as much as I try and try and try, maybe the next fad will be more in my curvy favor xx

  2. My waist and thighs are so disproportionate and have been for so many years I’ve forgotten what a good fitted jean feels like!

    Thank you for the lovely post


  3. MessageIt sure was nice when you said that it is important for the person to know their body shape before buying a pair of jeans as that will make the shopping faster and ensure that the wearer feels good. I guess I will have to do more research then since I am planning to buy a pair for my baby sister soon. I do not know her body shape and what type will suit her the most, so I need to work on it. Thank you for sharing.

  4. MessageWow, I love that you talked about using high waisted jeans to make your legs look longer. I also have short legs and a long torso, so this is very applicable to me. I appreciate you for helping me learn about tricks to choosing a pair of jeans that would fit me. Thanks!